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General information

Submitted manuscripts must describe original research not previously published and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Papers  must contain all of the basic sections described in the Instructions for Authors (i.e., abstract, introduction, results, etc.).

Manuscripts must be written in English.

Co-author consent and copyright

All listed authors must concur in the submission and the final version must be seen and approved by all authors. All authors are responsible for the content of the manuscript.


Peer review procedure

Submissions are first subject to a check by the editor regarding formal requirements (see Template for authors, Instructions for the template). The editor reserves the right to return submissions that do not correspond with the Journal´s focus or that do not meet the formal requirements.

The Journal editorial board determines which of the papers will be submitted for the peer review procedure. These papers are subsequently peer reviewed by two independent reviewers (reviewers are not employees by the same institution as the author or co-authors). The peer review procedure is anonymous. If needed, the submission may be returned to the author or team of authors before the peer review procedure in order to be completed or revised. Papers with two positive peer reviews will be accepted for publication. The editorial office informs the author of the result of the peer review via e-mail. After publication, each author will received one print issue of the CHTP Journal.

Full papers in MS Word send to

Download the Template for the authors (preparation of full papers in MS Word format). Detailed guidelines for authors are included in the Instructions for the template:
Template for the Authors
Submission Guidelines


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